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Dear visitors! We pay your attention that in this article classical rules of accommodation, placement and behavior in hotels of the city of Yoshkar-Ola are presented. Depending on the concrete separately taken institution these rules can differ. For details we recommend to address in administration of hotel considered by you. In article information on an example of the guest house "Saiver" is presented.

We hope that stated information will be useful to you and will allow to understand in more detail requirements of the majority of hotels of Yoshkar-Ola, including our guest house. Besides, here you can learn about the rights and duties as the client of described institutions that will allow you to feel grounded in every respect and to have a rest with comfort and without any superfluous unforeseen problem situations.

Rules of accommodation are made on the basis «Rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation», approved by the Resolution of the government of the Russian Federation No. 490 from April 25, 1997 taking into account editions No. 1104 from October 2, 1999, No. 693 from September 15, 2000 and No. 49 from February 1, 2005 by the Resolution of the government of the Russian Federation.

These rules regulate the relations between the Guest and hotel when rendering hotel services.

Rendering of hotel services – providing numbers (places in number) for accommodation.

Services of public catering can be understood as an auxiliary view of services, household, laundries and other services rendered by hotel on a paid and/or gratuitous basis.

These rules, including fire safety regulations and as information on services take place in all rooms of the hotel.

Service of hotel is made on the basis of the public contract or the contract with the Guest, the prisoner in writing.



The hotel is intended for accommodation of Guests during an established period coordinated with administration, and issued in an order regulated by these Rules.

On the expiration of an agreed time frame of placement the Guest is obliged to release to (leave) number (place) taken by it. The persons expressing desire to continue hotel accommodation, are obliged to report about it administrations no later than in 12 hours prior to the termination of term of placement (for living on a tariff "Days") and no later than in 2 hours on an hour tariff. In case of lack of empty seats administration in the right to refuse to the Guest in extension of term of placement.

In case of departure from hotel temporarily, the Guest who not informed the manager and hasn't paid time of presumable absence, loses the right to placement and is subject to eviction.

For receiving the rights to hotel accommodation the visitor should show to the manager the passport or one of such documents, as: the driving license (driver's license), the certificate of the refugee, the reference given out in case of loss of the passport of the Russian Federation in the established form, residence permit and as fills the registration card (citizens of the Russian Federation), or the account form (foreign citizens).

The guest fills the registration card and together with necessary documents transfers to the manager for placement registration. At free accommodation the Guest has the right to choose category of number, and is obliged to pay it. After that to it the account, the check, the admission (coupons on a food) and a room key stands out.

At early departure of the Guest (in one days, not less) return of money within 3 hours is made.

The administration guarantees accommodation of the Guest in hotel only for paid time. On the termination of this period at will of the Guest placement can be prolonged, but only in the presence of vacant rooms.


The clients who have undergone procedure of room reservation have the prime right to hotel accommodation. All other persons take place one after another in the general turn.

The guest has the right to reserve room (place) in advance. Booking is carried out by means of post, electronic, telephone, a fax, and also at the direct appeal to reception and placement service. Room reservation (places) to be made no later than the 2nd hours before placement.

At the subsequent modification of the demand for room reservation (places) it is necessary to provide data to hotel not later than the 3rd days before arrival at placement more than 5 numbers, and for the 2nd days – at placement to 5 numbers. Period of validity of the reservation begins according to time of the arrival specified in the demand of booking. After the lapse of 6 hours after expected time of the arrival specified in the demand, hotel in the right to cancel booking.

In case of arrival of the Guest after date and time, specified in the demand, the payment is raised from time of arrival specified in the demand (the actual idle time of number).

At (place) room reservation by the legal entity in the demand for booking are surely specified: organization requisites, number of Guests, their surnames, nationality, time and arrival and departure date, quantity and a type of numbers, a method of payment by whom will be paid additional (the placements not included in the main cost) services.


In hotel such services which cost can be included in accommodation cost are rendered:

  • services of reception and placement (round the clock);
  • call of a preferred taxi (round the clock);
  • "ambulance" call, using first-aid kit and other similar types of the help (round the clock);
  • tourist information (round the clock);
  • morning reveille (round the clock) by phone. If the Guest doesn't take the call, the hotel declines all responsibility, in connection with impossibility of rendering of service.
  • correspondence delivery (round the clock);
  • booking aboard the plane and a train (the schedule in various hotels of Yoshkar-Ola can differ);
  • booking in theater and cinema (the schedule can differ in each hotel in Yoshkar-Ola);
  • service in number (round the clock);
  • daily and intermediate cleaning of occupied number;
  • change of bedding and towels for the 4th day from the moment of settling of day for categories of numbers luxury, h / luxury, business;
  • change of bedding and towels for the 6th day from the moment of settling for categories of numbers a standard improved, "Standard", "DBL Standard", "TWIN Standard", Hostel.
  • granting a hygienic set (only 1 when settling);
  • granting mineral water (daily);
  • scanning of documents (operating time of similar services can vary in various hotels of Yoshkar-Ola);
  • e-mail check (at the desire of the Guest);
  • hire of a set of ware (round the clock);
  • additional change of linen (round the clock);
  • storage of valuable things in a left-luggage office (round the clock).


Paid additional services:

  • Additional services are provided for categories of the numbers "Standartdbl", "TWIN Standard", Hostel.
  • The administration of hotel takes all possible measures on returns to the owner of all things forgotten by the owner and other property in case of their detection, according to internal Rules of the address with the lost things, operating in our hotel.
  • The complaint book and the addresses to be at the manager in reception and placement service.


Payment for accommodation, hotel services, can be made for the cash and clearing settlement, and also by means of credit to cards in the Russian rubles.

Payment for accommodation is raised in days or in full in case payment is made previously.

In hotel the principle of uniform checkout time (for various hotels of Yoshkar-Ola time can differ, but, as a rule, it is considered 12 o'clock in the afternoon) which starts to act for the second days after placement of the Guest operates. The first days pay off from the actual time of arrival.

If hotel accommodation made less than one days or exactly days, payment for number or for a place pays off for full days in independence of checkout time.

At hotel accommodation more than one days, a payment for accommodation for the second and next days it is calculated according to checkout time.

In case departure of the Guest after checkout time is postponed due to various reasons, the payment for accommodation is calculated according to the following order:

  • less than 6 hours – payment hourly;
  • more than 6 but less than 12 hours – payment exactly for a half of one days;
  • more than 12 hours – payment for one full days.

We pay your attention that this criterion can be various depending on that hotel in Yoshkar-Ola in which you stop. Here values for the guest house "Saiver" are presented.

At payment of accommodation and additional services in the clearing settlement the hotel undertakes to create the account transferred to the Customer (the physical or legal entity), or goes by fax no more than in one days after obtaining the demand in writing. The money presented in the account, should arrive on the settlement account of hotel no later than for two days (if there is no other arrangement with the hotel management on the basis of the enclosed letter of guarantee of the client). Within three days after departure to the Guest the act on the executed works, and as the invoice including the VAT (value added tax) goes by mail (fax) in duplicate. Final settlements between hotel and the Guest should be made not later than 3 bank days from that day when the client leaves hotel.

Finding of the Guests who have not paid hotel accommodation after 24.00 is possible at payment introduction.

In default from room reservation or a place no later than in one days prior to placement of the Guest, the money arriving on the settlement account of hotel in the form of payment for placement and booking, come back to the Guest within 30 bank days from the moment of refusal.

In case of cancellation or partial cancellation of the reservation less than one days prior to arrival of the Guest, and also in case of not arrival to hotel (in the presence of not cancelled demand), the Guest pays booking and daily cost of each number (idle time).

At early departure of the Guest from number, return of money to be made by the day under condition of granting administration of the admission in hotel, the check and the original invoice. In case of absence of demanded documents, and also at departure Staying less than in 24 hours prior to the termination of term of accommodation (paid) return of money isn't made. The sums of money paid for booking aren't subject to return.

For hotel accommodation of children the payment is more younger than 12 years isn't raised in case children are with parents in one number without allocation of a separate occasional seat.

Service in numbers (the order according to the menu from cafe) is made only on advance payment. Otherwise cafe in the right to refuse service of the Guest in number.


The room key can be given out by the manager only at admission presentation. During the moment when the Guest finally leaves hotel, it is obliged to hand over a key of the maid, or to the manager. In case of key loss the Guest should pay a penalty according to cost for the price-list.

Extraneous persons (not living in hotel) can be in hotel with 7.00 till 23.00. (after 23.00 stay in number of the Guests who have not paid accommodation it is possible only after accommodation payment according to the price-list - time can be excellent from presented in any of hotels of Yoshkar-Ola, data for the guest house "Saiver") here are provided. To have possibility to visit the Guest without registration in hotel, at itself it is necessary to have any of identification papers and at the requirement to show them to the manager. In case of absence of demanded documents, the meeting can take place in the hotel territory only in the hall. At non-compliance with rules of accommodation and placement in hotel, finding of such persons can be indoors limited on time or is completely interrupted.

Guests should treat property and the equipment of hotel carefully and accurately.

In case of damage or loss of any property of the Guest hotel undertakes to compensate cost of the put damage in the prices according to the price-list.

For clients of hotel it is inadmissible:

  • to bring inconveniences and to intrude upon leisure of other clients of hotel (loud sounding of music and other noise);
  • to place in the absence in number of extraneous persons, and also to allow using of admissions them and keys from numbers;
  • to drink alcohol drinks or to smoke in number if it disturbs another living in number;
  • to store at itself the big things poisoning and/or easily flammable substances, the weapon;
  • to keep animals and birds in number.

With a view of a personal security and ensuring safety of property to Guests follows:

  • when leaving it is obligatory to close water folding cranes, windows, to watch switching off of light, radio, the TV, lamps, refrigerators, conditioners and other electrodevices, to close number and to give a room key to the manager;
  • to observe all fire safety regulations and sanitary-and-hygienic norms;
  • at departure from the Guest hotel undertakes to hand over to the maid number, to give the Guest card, and flew room keys to the manager. In due time and completely to pay off (to pay for the rendered services reflected in the account of the Guest additional services in case the Guest used them).

The rooms of the hotel are supplied with specialized energy saving system of giving of power supply. Entering into number for a inclusion of any electrodevices, it is necessary to insert the card key in located on an entrance (on a wall on the right or to the left of an entrance door)  the receiver for card key. At an exit from number it is necessary to take out the card key from the receiver for card key . Isn't admissible to insert extraneous subjects to the receiver for card key.


The visitors being in a state of intoxication and/or under the influence of narcotic substances, aren't served.

At non-compliance with Rules of hotel accommodation the administration has the right to refuse further accommodation.

The administration has the right to refuse service without explanation.

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