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Services of the Guest house "Saiver" in Yoshkar-Ola

At us you always can not only visit cafe bar, but also order a breakfast, a dinner or a supper in number. In the guest house the following services which cost is included in a tariff for accommodation are rendered:

  • services of reception and placement (round the clock);
  • taxi call (round the clock);
  • "ambulance" call, using first-aid kit (round the clock);
  • tourist information (round the clock);
  • a reveille (round the clock) by phone. If the Guest for any reasons doesn't take the call, the hotel declines all responsibility, in connection with impossibility of rendering of service;
  • correspondence delivery (round the clock);
  • booking aboard the plane and a train (with 8.30 till 17.30 – everyday life, with 8.30 till 14.30 – days off);
  • the order of theatrical and concert tickets (with 9.00 till 15.30 on weekdays);
  • service in number (round the clock);
  • daily and intermediate cleaning of numbers;
  • change of bedding and towels for the 4th day from the moment of settling of day for categories of numbers luxury, h/ luxury, business, «A standard improved»;
  • change of bedding, towels for the 6th day from the moment of settling for categories of numbers, "DBL Standard" (305, 306, 307), "TWIN Standard" (301, 302, 303, 304, 310, 211,) Hostel (206, 207, 208);
  • granting a hygienic set (1 times when settling);
  • granting mineral water (daily);
  • e-mail check (at the desire of the Guest);
  • hire of a set of ware (round the clock);
  • storage of valuable things in a left-luggage office (round the clock).


Paid additional services.

For categories of the numbers "Standart DBL", "TWIN Standard", Hostel the following additional services are rendered:

  • linen washing;
  • granting an ironing table and iron.


The guest house "Saiver" as is glad to offer the service "Transfer" for all categories of numbers:

  • Bus and railway stations of Yoshkar-Ola – the Guest house "Saiver";
  • The guest house "Saiver" – bus and railway stations;
  • The guest house "Saiver" – the Yoshkar-Ola Airport;
  • The Yoshkar-Ola airport – the Guest house "Saiver".


Complexes of additional services in numbers:

  • the additional set "Luxury", «H/Lux» (numbers 212, 213, 311, 312, 314) includes: a set of terry towels, a dressing gown terry, slippers terry, shampoo, shower gel, a tooth set, soap, a hat for a shower, a hairbrush;
  • the additional set "Business" for the numbers "Business" (209, 210, 308, 309, 315), «A standard improved» (214, 313) includes: set of terry towels, soap, shampoo, shower gel;
  • the additional set "Standard" for the numbers "DBL Standard" (305, 306, 307), "TWIN Standard" (301, 302, 303, 304, 310, 211) includes: set of terry towels, dressing gown wafer, slippers, soap, shampoo, shower gel.
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